The 50 Amazing Things progress report

This will be my blog’s to do list. I can easily keep track of the 50 things which I do, see, experience.

1. 1st January – first ever skinny dip

2. 3rd January – finished Juliet’s cross-stitch

3. 13th to 25th January – Totaranui holiday with a plethora of Wows. The clear sea. My two amazing sons and their activities. Friends – old and new. Special moments in time. The moon in the night sky.

4. 27th january – Lorde winning two grammies.

5. 29th January – celebrating 20 years of marriage to Andrew

6. 8th February – a guy at the gym doing a 45 minute prone hold with rotations.

7. 12th February – three Wows on a Wednesday: chopping board, new glasses and a big discount!, running 101,

8. 21st February – new job

9. 7th March – beautiful scenery travelling to the West Coast

10. 22nd March – a fantastic morning for a fantastic run with fantastic people

11. 23rd March – finding bargains, and the perfect pair of jeans!

12. 30th March – a hard fought win at the Beach Challenge.


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