Falling from Grace

“Try and spread a lot of love and affection around the world. The most important thing is not to ‘con’ the public. Be real.”
— Rolf Harris in 2009

When I was young we would sit down on a Sunday evening with a light meal and watch our black and white television as a family. Good wholesome shows. Disneyworld. The Osmonds. And Rolf Harris with his quirky songs, his splashing of paint brush, and his wobble board.

I grew up with those classic tunes and words cemented in my memory. Six White Boomers. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. Two Little Boys. Jake the Peg. And the Court of King Caractacus.

Those memories seemed tarnished now with Rolf Harris being found guilty of sexual abuse against women, many of them young. And trusting.

I feel sickened. Sickened at the thought that someone I admired and beleived in as a child is just another dirty old man who can’t keep his hands to himself, who didn’t see what he was doing was wrong. He abused women, he abused children, he abused his mana in the entertainment industry.

I played those songs to my children too. I am not sure I will ever be able to listen to them again. Which is a shame. Because they were good happy songs. Now I just see sleazy connotations in every lyric.

Shame on you, Rolf Harris. Shame on you!