Losing the labels

Hi. My name is Robyn and I like hugs.

That was a strange sentence to write. For so many years I have been Robyn who doesn’t like hugs. It was a label I gave myself. Along with shy. Fat. Frumpy. Worthless.

These labels are peeling off. The ink fading. The words no longer relevant.

These labels have been my security blanket. They have defined me in my mind as others would see me. I feel exposed and vulnerable without them. But it is time to let them drop off and be forgotten.

I have grown. Which is a good thing because it means that I am not just alive but I am living. But without any labels how will I and others know who I am.

Who am I?

Hi. I am Robyn. I like being hugged.

Hi. I’m Robyn, I am Andrew’s wife, and mum to three wonderful people.

Hi. I’m Robyn. I am a runner. Actually I am the Canterbury marathon champion! Now that’s a pretty cool label.

Hi, I’m Robyn, and I’m ok.


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