Wildly worn out.

My feet and legs ache. My eyes are tired. Even my arms, hands and fingers seem a little worn out. Maybe a medicinal pinot gris will help soothe the aches and pains.

The 25th Wild Foods Festival seemed to be a successful occasion. People came and enjoyed themselves. They ate, drank, laughed. Listened to a selection of music from brass band to country to just a heavy bass sound. Wore some crazy costumes. And enjoyed a beautiful West Coast sunny day.

The morning attracted a lot more family groups. Sales were definitely slow during this time for the waffles. Jonny’s kebabs had a queue for almost the entire day, eventually selling out at about 4pm. His non- alcoholic sodas were wild, over-brewing in the heat of the marquee and exploding everywhere.

Just after lunch, what we call the “sevens” crowd turned up. Groups of people dressed in costume, here to drink, party, and dare each other to try strange and slightly scary food. Maybe the anti-drink message is getting through. I seemed to serve fewer real drunks than previous years. We were steadily making waffles, dolloping some blackberry sauce and whipped cream on top, and selling them. At one stage I was both decorating and selling. I got confused and started to decorate plain napkins – the waffles were still cooking! Brain was joining the list of completely knackered body parts!

I have been going for so many years I don’t really bother with “weird” food. Plus being gluten free makes it harder to find something to eat. I tried a sheep’s milk haloumi kebab, a pork belly kebab, a goat’s cheese blueberry cheesecake, a pork and watercress sausage, and a blackberry custard dessert thing.

Jonny and Robbie worked so hard. Jonny almost runs the kebab stall by himself. It is great experience for a young man to serve customers like this. He has been doing it for about six years now. Plus he is integral in the planning/innovation of the product. Robbie was in the waffle stall, mixing, beating egg whites and cream, decorating and selling. As much as I resent the festival sometimes, the benefits of Andrew and his sons having this massive bonding session every year is worth a little inconvenience to me.

I hear the others returning. There will be a number of worn out bodies comparing war stories now. It is a strange hobby, selling waffles etc at Wild Foods, but it is a big part of who we are. And I guess we will be back again next year.




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