I could do that, yeah right!

Each week at work we have a COW, a Challenge of the Week. The trainers devise them, and are supposed to do it themselves first. It is non-competitive (in the words of a Tui ad, yeah right!). Each “competitor” puts their name and achievement on the board. It encourages community and interest.

This week the challenge is a prone hold, or plank. As many as you can do, rotating from front to left to front to right. Holding each position for five seconds. Each position counts as one rep.

When I came to work today only one name was on the board. Anaru had done 74.

Now we have a second name. Yee.

Yee is a quiet young man, one of our regulars. He keeps himself to himself, locked in his private world of Samsung and headphones. He gently approached the counter and asked me to supervise his effort. No worries.

It is quite hard counting a rotating body and not lose count. Luckily I worked out a full rotation took 20 seconds, or three every minute. Yee had his Samsung set up beside him on a stopwatch, so he could perfectly time his five second rotations. I set myself up on an exercise bike and prepared to count and say encouraging motivational things for the next five minutes or so. Yeah, right!

I hate prone holds, and most other isometric exercises. My brain starts telling me they are stupid, I am stupid, everything is stupid. Let’s stop. NOW.

I don’t know what Yee’s internal dialogue was but it sure as hell worked for him.

Forty-five minutes, yes, minutes, later he was done. Five hundred and forty rotations.

I am happy with 45 seconds.

Yee, I am in wow of your feat. Just bloody awesome. Wow.


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