Welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy your visit and come back.  Maybe bring a friend or two.

So why a blog?

Many reasons, but the main one is purely that this blog is for me.  A way to express myself through the written word.  Secondary I hope it entertains, amuses, inspires my readers.

In June 1964 I was born at St George’s hosptial in Christchurch to June and Neville Perkins.  I was the third child of four.  My younger brother, Nick, was born two years later.  I already had a sister (Wendy) and a brother (Andrew) older than me.

Readers who are quick on the uptake will have worked out that in June of 2014 I turn 50 years old.  I am looking forward to this mainly because I go up an age group in running, and that will be a good thing.  No doubt this blog will feature running.  A bit.  Or even a lot!  I like running.

I am not that big on birthdays.  More specifically my own.  They never really live up to my high expectations and in recent years I have preferred that they didn’t happen.  That doesn’t really work.

Turning 50 is one of those milestones you are supposed to acknowledge.  With a party.  Invite all and sundry.  Instead I plan to go to a quiet beach in northern Queensland for a week of winter sun with my husband, and anyone else who makes it.

Half a century.  That is a lot of life.  It needs to be celebrated.  Which is why I came up with my 50 things to “wow” me.  It is not a bucket list.  I personally think ticking everything off a bucket list compares to a to do list.  Once all items are completed you are done.  It is the end.  Curtains come down.  I am still thinking of things I might like to do.  But it won’t matter if something happens and I don’t do it.  Like a child, I take as much pleasure in the organisation, dreaming and planning as the actual game.  Like the cliche says. Life is a journey – not a destination.

In 2014 I hope to record my journey of finding 50 things which amaze me.  Some might be bucket list material.  Some might be big – I have a few ideas, some will be small.  But I hope to find inspiration in my country, amongst my family and friends, and of course within myself.

Come back and hear all about it.  It starts on New Year’s Day.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Good luck with your fabulous 50 – what a great idea (from a fellow 49er!).

    I look forward to following your progress- you’re certainly off to a flying start with your first two!

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